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Digital Cinema Data and Color Services

RatWorks, LLC

by Christopher Ratledge


ratworks@me.com (email)

Providing each production a flexible, tailored workflow to achieve data security and

the highest quality final deliverables in the ever-changing world of Digital Cinema. 

Nomadic by default, AVAILABLE FOR HIRE in lower-48 states, with Current US passport.

Color Grading with Davinci Resolve for editorial, dailies, or final color grading.

So do you need a little DIT or DAT ?  In my experience, here are some pertinent differences:

DAT = Digital Asset Tech, aka Data Wrangler/Manager or “Digi-Loader.” Secures all media and verifies all copied footage before recycling media back into production shooting rotation. Can act as a post liaison for camera department and may be involved with camera prep. Provides detailed footage notation reporting.

DIT = Digital Imaging Technician.  Can perform all the duties of the DAT plus color grading and file generation duties.  Assists DP by performing directed corrections to the exposed images, such as matching multiple cameras or scenes. Can help prep, troubleshoot and modify camera packages and settings.  May also upload looks to cameras, prepare graded stills for post reference, and create color-graded files for offline or online editorial, or dailies. 

My daughter Liberty Grace thanks you for your consideration.  She’s by far my greatest motivation.

Whether you only require basic footage security, or on-set looks and graded editorial files, to full-blown color grading and finishing, you will receive professional service, common sense, and efficiency when employing Chris Ratledge as your DAT, DIT, or Colorist.

A personable, techie individual is included at no extra charge!

To the right, you’ll find icon and text links to several of my most requested bits of information, including how to connect with me elsewhere online. 

Currently I am not accepting no regular work as a colorist, taking time to hone my skills and develop a reel, so feel free to contact me with your low-budget projects, I cut my teeth and you get affordable color!

Below is more general information and links to other services offered.  PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact me for clarification!

Mobile mac-based data and DIT processing with calibrated reference display and live grading.  

NAKED DRIVES are the most cost efficient data storage method,  realizing IMMEDIATE production savings!

HD RUSHES available on portable HDMI drive for HD viewing via TV or projector.  iPad rushes available also.

RatWorks, LLC